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Vizzop – Real-Time Analytic and Interactive for Websites

Vizzop is a startup that promise to give webmasters and entrepreneurs full control of their websites. In addition to Google analytic, Vizzop can give website owners a great way to monitor their websites and see how their visitors interact with their contents and all that can be done in a real-time. Many on line businesses and e-commerce stores look for ways to improve their sales by trying to bring products that will catch the attention of their visitors and customers. The real-time monitoring and interaction tools that Vizzop provide can help improve e-commerce stores increase sales and improve customer service. The definitive way of seeing client’s web browser screen and provide real-time customer service.

Vizzop is a javascript plugin that can be easily installed on your website, it will allow you to see in real-time what your clients see and do in your own website, and also chat with them. It also provides you with a ticket system, FAQ system for your clients.


Vizzop – Real-Time Analytic and Interactive for Websites
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