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GradePayments – Powering Social Funding for Grade Achievement

GradePayments is a startup that s looking to be a major player in the social funding for education and talents. Great minds are too important to waste, many talented students never made it because of the lack of funding to help them bring their ideas to life. We all need encouragement to reach our goals. GradePayments strives to help Students connect with Sponsors in a secure environment to achieve higher academic performance through social grade funding.
GradePayments is a crowdfunding portal that prvides the platform for Students to connect with Sponsors to show their talents and academic achievements.
GradePayments offers three different types of Project formats for Students to engage Sponsors:

Subject Reward

this method allows Sponsors to set different potential reward amounts for subjects they deem more valuable than others.


Sponsors can reward the Student’s overall achievements with a single reward tied to a standard 4.0 GPA scale.

Single Test

Students can ask for sponsorship for achieving a goal on a unique, one time event, such as a final exam, the SAT, or a trade certification.


GradePayments – Powering Social Funding for Grade Achievement
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