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Search – Mobile Websites and Native Apps Made Easy is a complete, simple and effective online tool for building and reselling mobile websites and native apps. If you want great exposure to your startup and business idea you must take advantage of the mobile web platform. The majority of the successful internet and eCommerce businesses rely on mobile apps and mobile websites to reach more customers and increase sale. is the perfect tool for site owners who want to use a simple CMS for having a beautiful and optimized mobile website and especially for webmasters, marketers and agencies who want to start selling mobile marketing products using a totally white-label and 100% reliable platform.
It is very important to get noticed in the world wide web if you have a good product to sell or have a great idea to start a business with. If you have the greatest startup in the world and no one knows about it, that will get you no where to reach success. Moreover if you have an established business and people can’t find you on their mobile devices whether Android or iOS platforms, you are missing on many potential customers. give users the ability build their own mobile site by choosing the right tools from many templates to customize their sites with matching images and colors. The offers users full Google Analytic integration to help users monitor their sites and choose the right SEO to increase traffic.

How Much Does it Cost? offers several plans for users to choose from and it also offers 21 days free trial on all the plans offered. The first most basic plan which is called “small” allows users to create their full mobile site for up to 5 pages for a one time fee of $79. The second plan is the basic plan and it is also called “basic” and it cost $149 and with this plans users can create a fully functional mobile site with up to 10 pages. The last plan which called “Pro” and it cost $399 and unlike the two previous plans this plan provide users with unlimited tools to create their mobile sites with unlimited pages.

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