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Inkster – Created by Artists for Artists

Inkster Is a newly launched e-Commerce website made by artists for artists to use as a place where users can build a portfolio and sell their creations. Inkster is planning to change the way artists and musicians use the internet. Inkster is aiming to bridge the gap between social media and e-commerce. Using the Inkster platform artists and musicians can host their entire portfolios on the website to have access to wider audience. Users can also sell their work directly on Inkster through its e-commerce platform. Best of all, Inkster is free for everyone to use and there is no monthly subscriptions or hidden fees. The site charges 10% Facilitation fee on any artwork or music that is sold using the website.

Artists in today’s world have too many profiles to manage and it can really be a daunting task to keep up with everything. There are many tasks that users can do while on the site, it has large art collections and users can shop for music, fashion and paintings all at the same time. Inkster is aiming to be the hub for world’s artists to communicate and exchange ideas. Inkster is about lifestyle and making it easier to be an artist in today’s ever changing world. While Inkster changing the way artists and art lovers do business it also provide great atmosphere for art lovers and artists alike to share ideas and experiences.

Inkster – Created by Artists for Artists
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