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one7days is a micro-donation app, allowing users to give $1 per week to a different charitable cause. It relies on the power in numbers and with a global audience as the market, it will make a positive impact on the world. This App promises to have a diverse range of causes that members can donate to , including humanitarian aid (like poverty, homelessness, water sanitation etc.), animal welfare, environment, medical research, medical care, human rights and natural disasters.

The problem that the App is trying to solving, is giving those who currently don’t give to charities (but want to) the opportunity to do so without costing them a lot. Statistics show that younger people (especially 20-40) are the least generous when it comes to charitable giving because they can’t afford it, or don’t know where to start. This app solves both, because most people with a smartphone can afford up to $52 in a year. One small gift. One big change.


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