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Social Networks – Get Things Done Socially LogoDo you have an item on your to-do list, which is always left unattended due to shortage of time or your laziness? Are you looking to buy a new gadget but want someone help you in choosing the right product at cheapest price from a dependable supplier? Are you looking for some ideas for your new project? Now is the time for you to be worry-free; is a perfect platform to get the items checked-off of your tasks list.

Jume helps you complete your tasks by supplying you the required motivation. Who else could motivate you well than your own social circle? Jume allows people to help you complete your tasks through its innovative platform. The best thing is that the whole process is done in a fun, enjoyable, and interactive way.

Jume is not limited to motivating you to actually shorten your tasks list; it also makes everyone participate in completing others’ tasks. You also build your knowledge by getting tips from other Jume members. Connections are another highlight of the network; you establish new bonds or strengthen the older ones by actually working on them. Jume comes very handy, if you are looking to buy something. You would be able to get reviews from real users and get to know about the places offering the best price.

The Points, Badges, and Levels further add the fun element in the process of helping people complete their tasks.

What Do They Say About Themselves?

Jume is a free utility that helps you share your tasks and get things done. It leverages social influence to end procrastination in a fun and interactive way.

Why it Could Be a Success:

Jume has the potential to become a leading social network due to its innovative approach to get the things done socially. People need help and guidance in certain tasks and Jume does just that. It is also a solid platform for those, who want to help others in a simple and entertaining way.

Share – Connecting Businesses with Online Publishers

PublishedIn-logoPublishedin is a new network offering a unique get-connected opportunity to the businesses and online publishers. It is essentially focused on building a bridge between these two groups by ensuring benefits to both.

The basic concept is much similar to that of Google’s Pay-Per-Click program. The publishers write about their favorite stuff, products, and services and link to businesses. Whenever a visitor to the publisher’s website clicks on the link to the business, the publisher is rewarded with cash. Publishedin has termed its system as Reward-Per-Click Program.

Though similar in functioning with Google PPC, it has a totally different concept. Publishers do not have to put up ads on their websites to earn rewards. Instead they are given with a code, which needs to be pasted in their website. Once this code is installed, Publishedin takes care of reporting the referrals.

What businesses get from this system is increased profit through increase in quality visitors and customers. They are free to choose the value of reward they want to offer to the publisher. The Reward-Per-Click system does suggest a reward amount but the business has total control over this function. The businesses can also choose the daily limit for the rewards.

The word-of-mouth or a recommendation is always better than a flashy ad, this is exactly what the online publishers can provide to the businesses through this network. The readers to these publishers act more actively upon their recommendations than an advertisement.

It is also a good solution for those online publishers, who want to make some money through their websites but avoid the intrusive advertisements. Putting the HTML code does not display any ads to the visitors of the website yet the publisher gets paid on every click he refers to a business.

What Do They Say about themselves? helps businesses and online publishers connect and benefit each other.

Why it Could Be a Success:

Publishedin has an innovative and non-intrusive approach to connect two very important groups i.e., Businesses & Online Publishers in the cyber space. It is easy to use and well-suited for websites of every size.


Authonomy – Social Network for Writers

Social networks for writers are a great idea – I should know, I run one myself. There are various specialised social networks for writers on and they do provide a service the bigger social networks like Facebook can’t. On a specialised network writers can find each other and make contact more easily, and if the network is organised right the good writers do rise to the surface and show so that the publishers who join can find them. I’ve seen two authors picked up by publishers in this way so it can be done.

Authonomy is a little different to many of the specialised social networks for writers because it’s organised by HarperCollins. However, that doesn’t show from the interface as it’s set up in a way that’s just like a standard writers’ network. You can join, create your profile, promote your writing (published or unpublished), join in with discussions on the forum and upload your writing to share and get feedback. Members are also encouraged to recommend their favourite books, and favourite writing by other members, and the books can be from any publisher.

I joined and will be using this site and would recommend it to any writer. I also believe publishers should be looking at these social networks to find the talented authors – they do rise head and shoulders above the rest. A difficulty can arise if these social networks also get so large that they have a similar problem to that created on Facebook: too many writers and pieces of writing being submitted to showcase so they get lost in the crowd.

It will be interesting to see if this site does lead to authors being talent-spotted, and if not it’s still a great way to meet other writers. The social network approach seems almost compulsory nowadays for many types of business, and I think all publishers should be providing this kind of site. The articles with helpful advice for writers are especially useful.


Shortology – Get Your Point Across Quickly

shortologyThis is a fun site which lets you use up to seven bullet points to get your thoughts across. The idea is that these days it’s hard to get anybody to concentrate hard enough to read a longer article, so it’s best to concentrate the main points into a piece of Shortology. Odd though it sounds it actually works, and the site makes compulsive reading. It makes you want to add a bit of Shortology of your own, working out which rant or bit of wisdom you want to impart and then deciding how to concentrate it into key points.

Although some of the Shortology is light-hearted, other Shortologists have given their views on weighty topics such as Obama’s healthcare policy, and well considered arguments sit next to rants and heartfelt opinions. The main page shows a selection from all the subjects covered and it’s enjoyable to read the lighter views next to the serious ones on such a selection of topics.

Additional pages divide the Shortology into Fun, Politics, Entertainment, Sport and Technology, with reviews as well as opinions. Concentrating a book review into bullet points isn’t easy but really cuts to the essentials, and the same is true for entertainment and a look into the pros and cons of the latest gadgets, software and websites. This site has the feeling of one of the booths broadcasters put up so passers-by can air their views on television by speaking for one minute. The site looks good and could be addictive, and my only criticism is that it’s let down by the need for some proofreading, including some of the main subtitles.


SocialGo – Create Your Own Social Network

socialgoSocialgo claims you can make your own social network in 2 minutes, and as I created my own using the similar service I know this is simple and possible. On the main Socialgo page the user chooses a name for their social network and a URL, presses the Create My Network button, chooses a design from the templates and it’s done. Time to invite members. Deciding on the best name for the social network and building membership are the only two parts that need time and effort.

These platforms make it incredibly simple to set up a social network quickly by using the design as it is, and it doesn’t take techie skill to customize the appearance and the features needed on each page. The management options look as comprehensive and easy to use as the ones I’m familiar with on, although I couldn’t test them out without creating a social network.

Creating the social network can be free, and for a more bespoke approach there’s a scale of charges depending on how much the user needs. These charges are made clear on the Socialgo main pages, which is welcome, and also highlights the cost-effectiveness of this type of site. The free service has 1GB storage and 10 GB bandwidth, which is plenty to get started and could be enough for some special interest groups. This can be increased to 5GB storage and 50GB bandwidth for $4.99 per month. The top level service costs $24.99 and allows live video chat, the user’s own URL and advertising and advanced management and developer features along with 5GB storage and 50GB bandwidth. Socialgo also offer a concierge service to manage the social network.

SocialGo and other platforms like are sure to take off dramatically as people are finding the major social networks aren’t satisfactory for special interest groups. They also make it difficult to find and friend people with shared interests unless you know them already. Unlike the major competitors, platforms like Socialgo offer the ability to meet people easily as there are general chat and discussion pages where all members can get to know each other. Events on the calendar are all related to members’ interests, as are the groups, so it’s an effective way to communicate and promote to the right target membership.


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