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Gygan – Share Large Files

Many of us need to share large files and they can’t be sent easily by email so it’s necessary to use special services. One of the latest is Gygan, a site that lets you download free software to let you share large files in a way they claim is easy and fast. There’s no cost for uploading and downloading files and they state there is no limit on transfer speeds.

This is the Beta version of Gygan, and along with the downloadable software there’s a website with forums for discussion. I’ve tried the software and it’s easy to use and to organise files for upload and download. Free downloads up to 2GB are available, and this system is ideal for large files such as videos, high res photos, and audio. It could also be used for distributing software to clients. Files can be kept private for security reasons, and there’s no limit to the number of files you can store on the system. Although it’s still at Beta testing stage it’s worth a try if you need to work with large files or share video, audio and photos with family and friends.


YouMicro – Like YouTube for Music

youmicro-comYouMicro aims to do for music and audio what YouTube has done for video. There should be great interest in this as many people want to share their music without having to film their performance or set their audio track to video. Another good thing about YouMicro is that it isn’t limited to music but could be used for any audio file. This will appeal to comedians and other performers, including writers performing their work and sharing fiction and poetry. It could also work as citizen journalism, which is really catching on at the moment, to let people tell their own news stories or voice their opinions.

YouMicro describes itself as a community so it should work as a social network, very like the YouTube approach. Members can upload their files, promote albums and events, and create playlists. A Help Centre and video tutorials help members get started, while the MicroForum encourages the community to get chatting. For ideas on what to listen to the most popular audio broadcasts are listed. It’s a site designed and run by a young team, and the vitality comes across. I’ll be using this one myself for broadcasts as I use video at the moment but sometimes sound alone is more effective.


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