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WorkingPoint – Complete Small Business Management Online

workingpoint-comI wish this had been available when I started my own self-employed business and I’ll be using it now, because it has everything you need to organise those things that seem so complicated to set up like accounts and invoicing. WorkingPoint makes it all so simple. It’s quick to register and fill in your name, business name and address, and the currency for the country you live in. All sales to customers, whether they’re buying goods or services, can be recorded and the invoices generated automatically. Although you put in default information, including the terms of payment, this can all be altered on individual invoices. A complete record of customers and clients can also be kept on file.

It’s amazing how easily we can be put off starting our own business because we don’t know how to lay out an invoice, or keep a track of our accounts. WorkingPoint helps us to keep track of income and expenditure and also provides invoices so it all looks professional to customers and clients. It’s possible to upload a company logo to appear on any communications, including invoices. By filling in expenditure it’s possible to keep track of accounts by taking a look at a range of reports. WorkingPoint also helps prepare accounts with bookkeeping, a balance sheet, and a detailed breakdown of income and expenditure. I’m glad I found this website, which is free to use and with a Premium service available that adds optional extras.


InvoiceDude – Free Online Invoicing

www.invoicedude.comI’m reviewing few websites that help you run your own business these days, and that’s because I know how useful it is to have a website that will take care of mundane but essential tasks like invoicing. InvoiceDude jumped out at me as soon as I saw it because it can be particularly tricky for newcomers to business trying to sort out how to manage this task. The designers created this website because they needed an easy and effective invoicing system and realised how hard it is to find one.

With InvoiceDude you fill in the details as simply as filling in a form and you can invoice your customers and clients wherever you are in the world so long as you have internet access. The data is also backed up by InvoiceDude so, whatever happens, you should have the information you need for your accounting. I would also always keep my own data backup and printed out copies of invoices. Clients can also have their own panel where they can check to see their invoices, and InvoiceDude lets you ask for payment to your PayPal account. All of this makes credit control much easier.

Recurring invoices can be set up for regular invoices for the same amount of money, multiple currencies are supported, and there are ways of importing and exporting data. Customised emails to send your clients notification and the ability to add your business logo are two other features. There are other business management websites, but this one is particularly good for invoicing and is completely free.


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