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TranslationsPal – Making Translations Quick and Affordable

translationspal-comOnline translation services have made it possible for everybody to work in various languages for international communication. This is particularly important as the internet community is global and easy translation makes it possible to use it to full advantage for business, study and friendship. From automatic services, mainly Google Translate, to professional agencies, everything is available so that languages don’t need to be a barrier. It may seem there’s no gap in the market, but TranslationsPal takes a slightly different approach to the others, making it possible to find a translator quickly and at an affordable price.

The system works by ‘crowdsourcing’ the work to translators who register with TranslationsPal. The organisers quickly give a quote for the work if it’s a lengthy document, otherwise there are standard rates for shorter translations. The system can even be used for extremely short communications such as emails, correspondence, instant messages, chat and social networks. For many of these Google Translate would be good enough, and it works instantly if you type your message in one language and select the one you want it to be translated into. However, Google Translations will give a word-by-word literal translation that’s easily understandable but may contain errors. When dealing with business or academic contacts a perfect translation could be preferable, even for emails and chat.

Crowdsourcing should mean that a translator will be available immediately to deal with the task. Rates are reasonable and paid by Paypal or credit card, and there’s a 30-word free trial for new users. It seems like an excellent approach for when translations are needed urgently, for short communications where you want to sound like a fluent speaker or competent professional able to have an interpreter, and also for longer documents at a fair price.

Translators can also register for work on the website, where their qualifications and experience will need to be supplied, and priority is given to those with the right credentials when work is allocated. Payment is less to translators without qualifications, native speaking ability or experience. As a client I would want to know the translator allocated was a native speaker and would want lower pay rates to non-native and less experienced translators to be reflected in my charges.


Polylance – Find Freelance Work

Polylance is one of the latest to join the growing number of websites where freelancers can find and pitch for work. The difference with Polylance is that it collects freelance information from the other sites so users can look at a greater number of jobs in a single place. It updates real-time if users choose the live option, and by registering you can also change settings to filter the type of work you want to see. The sites used to update Polylance include popular ones: Elance, GetACoder, GetAFreelancer, iFreelance, oDesk, RentACoder, and ScriptLance. It doesn’t include People Per Hour, which is a main site, but it’s still a useful way to find the popular services. An advanced search option lets freelancers look for work with detailed specifications.

A look at the site shows the expected abundance of freelance writing and translation work, and also technology, finance, legal, administration, sales and marketing and web development. Each category is laid out clearly with subcategories that can be clicked to find exactly the type of work you’re looking for. To look in more detail at a selected job, Polylance connects the user to the website where it is posted. Some of these websites are better than others, with lack of room for enough detail being a general shortfall. This method of finding work is still in its early stages and attracts criticism, but there’s no doubt that it can help employers and employees find each other, there are serious work offers, and it can help freelancers find employment.


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