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SocialSiteCreator – Your Own Social Network

These days it seems you have to have social network features to add real interactivity to many types of website. In fact if you have a website and a social network site to back it up you can soon find that the social network is the one getting most of the traffic. With a social network for a specialist interest it’s possible to encourage networking between members, and also links to other sites, in a way that’s complicated on Facebook due to its massive scale. It has never been easier to set up your own social network, although getting members to join may be more tricky unless you already have access to a group of potential members, so SocialSiteCreator has plenty of competition.

With SocialSiteCreator you can quickly set up your own fully customisable social network starting off with their templates. It doesn’t take great technical skills to use this kind of social network creation tool to get a social network up and running and to tailor it to your own needs, both visually and also in terms of what you want to allow members to do. Do you want them to be able to upload photos and videos and comment freely, or do you want to give approval and moderate to a greater extent?

There are major competitors – mainly and – and these start at free subscription subsidised by Google ads. With Ning and Socialgo you can opt to upgrade to a monthly payment and sell your own advertising. SocialSiteCreator has no free option on offer on the website, and starts with a similar monthly subscription to its competitors. For this users can fully customise the site, sell advertising themselves, and also charge a membership fee.

Some social networks don’t allow adult content, and this includes Ning. Others direct anyone with adult content to SocialSiteCreator seems to leave it up to the user, and it’s worth checking which social network platforms allow the content you want to include. There is also more cross-promotion between social networks on some established platforms, and this may be an advantage or a limitation depending on your content.


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