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SuperMinder – Reminders 24/7

Superminder Online organizers, reminder services and souped-up online calendars are a crowded space to be in right now. But SuperMinder seems to have an edge. Obviously, people tend to forget things and need to be reminded about them periodically. If you, like me, tend to make lengthy schedules and often tend to forget the same, SuperMinder can help.

Sign up to this service and receive reminders via email or SMS. To be honest the interface is a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of the web site, you won’t have any problems setting up the reminders. The look and feel is more of a desktop application than a web one (there is a quit button instead of the usual logout). Make sure you set the settings first so that you can easily add the reminders. The reminders can be scheduled as a one off thing or of a periodic nature.

It might help to include more information for potential users up front. At the moment you cannot see anything but the front page unless you sign up.


SuperMinder – Reminders 24/7
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