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With various sites offering the chance to sell new and secondhand items it makes sense to use more than one to reach as many potential customers as possible. Checking them all would be time consuming, so OneMarketplace is a useful service which allows you to enter details about each item you’re offering on one website which will then list it on the others.

I tried it out and it’s easier to use than some of the other sites, with simple steps to list an item to be sold or shared. An Add Item Button leads to a prompt for the name and description, and a photo can be uploaded before offering the item for sale or to share. With unwanted items it’s possible to offer free sharing with marketplace friends, an email list and social network followers. It takes a single click to post this information on Facebook and Twitter.

Selling items is equally straightforward. After adding the item and photo the user can select other places to sell, including eBay, Craigslist, Oodle (Facebook, Myspace and AOL), OLX, Vast and Twitter. It’s stated on the website that the items can be listed in more places than this and that the aim is to include every popular auction, classified and social network with a marketplace. An option to donate items to charity is also planned. After a free first listing the service is financed by a subscription of $18 per year to sell to multiple marketplaces, while sharing items is free.

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