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VersionDownload – Return to Old Software Versions

version downloadSoftware upgrades sometimes leave users wishing they had stayed with the previous version that worked so well for them, but it can be difficult to revert. VersionDownload offers old software so it’s possible to downgrade if the latest product has problems or isn’t to your liking. It also helps counteract the problem of having somebody in the office or home who keeps pressing the upgrade button without consulting.

VersionDownload aims to provide previous versions of many freeware and open-source applications, including the popular ones and also some of the lesser known. To help users decide on which version to choose there’s also a blog which advises on features, layout and compatibility issues which could make an older version the right one for a particular computer. The VersionDownload site has a forum where the community can ask questions and get tips from each other.

Some of the main types of software available are categorised as instant messengers, browsers, audio and video players, file sharing, and office and news applications. These are organised clearly according to type of application with a great variety of free downloads – useful whether or not you have made a regrettable upgrade. To support the site financially some trial versions of software will be hosted along with the freeware.


VersionDownload – Return to Old Software Versions
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