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Cody’s Code – Resources for New and Seasoned Programmers

Beginners and experienced programmers alike can use the Cody’s Code website to get information, tutorials and resources to help them with a variety of programming languages. The home page is extremely straightforward, with a search option and a set of icons for each programming language plus Wikipedia. Click on the icon to get a list of links for that programming language or to see what’s available on Wiki. The website consists of this very clear single page and acts as a portal to a wealth of information via links organised by programming language.

For example, if you click on the Java icon you will get a selection of links for Beginner tutorials, tips, Java examples, lecture notes, the actual software and more. Other programming languages are C, C++, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, and Linux (no links in this last one yet at the time of writing). These links will be helpful to the beginner, while more experienced programmers will find advice and free scripts that help enhance their work and make it easier.


Cody’s Code – Resources for New and Seasoned Programmers
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