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CompareMyDocs – Compare, Combine and Merge Documents

This is an online tool I’ll be returning to many times. It lets you easily upload various versions of a document to compare and then work on them. I tried it out with a few versions of an article I had written, and it showed me one version in main text with any differences from two other articles clearly displayed in a wide right margin. This is essential for anybody working on an edited document, especially if they have received comments and editing back from other team-mates.

This is the beta version and it worked perfectly on my documents, but it does warn that it’s best for text only and not documents with tables or images. To use it you go to the CompareMyDocs site where you will be prompted to click on the Choose File button for up to 7 files. Once the files are uploaded they will appear on screen automatically and you can scroll through to see any differences.

CompareMyDocs offers suggestions for editing which you can accept or scrap and you can also type your own additions and combine document versions. The Help page is particularly well laid out to take you through each process step-by-step. There are various document comparison and merging packages available, but this online tool is so easy to use it should appeal.


CompareMyDocs – Compare, Combine and Merge Documents
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