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ValueJockey – Find the Right Price for Saleable Items

Finding a website where you can sell your items is easy, but knowing the correct price to set on them is harder. ValueJockey is an interactive service that lets you list your item with a photo to get feedback on how much it’s worth, whether or not you want to sell it. Members include professional valuers as well as hobbyists, so this is a worthwhile service that would help avoid scam valuations from buyers. It should also help avoid underpricing or even overpricing an item, both of which mean losing out. The website has links to sales sites so you can carry on to list the items at a realistic price. It’s also possible to give links from ValueJockey to other sales sites of your choice including eBay and craigslist.

The site is as simple to use as the main sales sites, with a menu of categories to choose from in order to list your item. Then upload a photo and put some details to see it displayed. You can ask the particular questions you have about pricing in the short product description. The sales field will display valuations other ValueJockey members give as feedback. I’ve had a coin collection I’ve had trouble getting valued, and could see that this site provides the kind of detailed information I need even in this specialist niche.

The number of categories is comprehensive, and if you have expertise as an enthusiast or professional your valuations would add to the service. Professionals can list their details so it’s also an aid to promotion. Apart from valuations, members are encouraged to write and submit articles on their areas of expertise. Everybody has something they would like valued, whether they’re collectors or just rummaging through their attic, and ValueJockey provides a handy solution.


ValueJockey – Find the Right Price for Saleable Items
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2 Responses to ValueJockey – Find the Right Price for Saleable Items

  • Molly says:

    This site is actually really helpful. I have a bunch of stuff that I have been wanting to sell, but have not for this exact reason.

  • Kristen says:

    I am totally going to use this site before I sell anything. I was watching the show American Pickers and I feel so bad for the people that sell stuff only to find out that those guys sold it for twice as much.

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