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Search – Give donations easily is a nonprofit site which helps you give to any organization you want the amount you want

The site is membership based, and the information required are those necessary for your account.

You start by creating a monthly giving amount which you will split between the Non Profit Organizations (NPO) as you see fit. But first you have to know to whom you are giving, as each of us has its own principles and support different ideas and causes. is a site where you can read about different nonprofit organization. It has a filter: Most Recent, Most Popular, Newest or A-Z where you can find different (NPO) and read about their activity. You can also search for a certain NPO or even propose one you know which is not on the list and it will be added.

When you decide on certain NPO you will click on the add icon and that organization will appear in you to give account. You can add as many non-profits as you desire.

Then you can decide the amount of money you want to give to the NPO, provided that the sum of all donations does not pass you limit.

Also, the site offers you complete anonymity; you can see where other users are giving, but not how much.

So you can donate to all the organizations, all in one place without the hassle of meeting a member of the organization personally or the amount of emails you receive for fundraises when you give directly.

It lets you give the amount you desire to each organization and helps you fallow with your budget and to give it all at once, thus resulting in less credit card transactions between you and the organizations so smaller financial fees.

The payments are done by PayPal so are easy and secure.

The site is completely free, but if you want to support the site, you can also donate.

So if you want to support different organizations, according to your own beliefs, is a way for you to get in touch and support them with as little as you want because in the end even that builds up.

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