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Koego – Personalized blog rankings

Koego is a website which can rank the quality of your blog posts on a personal formula.

If you have a personal blog, as most of us have, then you want to express yourself to the world, and the world to be interested in what you want to say. But you do not have the certainty that your writing style is the one desired by the others, or if the topic and your ideas are clearly present and represent an interest to the virtual community.

So, for you to have the opportunity to asses the quality of your blog entries you should join Koego.com. Koego.com offers you the opportunity to measure and improve your free speech. As the name of the site states it is the measure your co-ego, the ego formed by other people who read your blog. This is done by a cumulus of a series of factors, each of them with different weight, according to the web traffic. The ego formula is formed by two elements: the main rank and the extra rank which in sum will give you a rank in the top 100.

By using Koego you also have access on a large spectrum of web reports, which have as an element of analysis your blog.

Also with Koego you can analyze your activity on two major social networks, Twitter and Friendfeed.

So if you want to have a quality blog and to boost up your virtual ego then Koego.com is the solution for you.


Koego – Personalized blog rankings
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