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Rootein – Simplify your self improvement

Rootein is a free website which can help you to improve your life by helping you establish certain habits by reminding you to do certain activities on a schedule which of your desire on a daily basis, thus creating a routine.

To access the service provided by the site you have to have an account. The sign up for the account is free.

After you log in you can create the routines you desire.

Create a calendar for your routine, then opt to have your “rootein” remind you at set times for the day.  You can create numerous tasks, each of them with their own individual calendar. The calendar is useful as a reminder of all the days which you have fallowed through with the task.

There is a manage tool which offers you the opportunity to activate or deactivate a reminder and to set a certain time you want the reminder to activate.

You can receive your alert messages via email or twitter. The twitter integration is one of the most useful features as it integrates the reminders into your daily stream of updates, you don’t have to actively check back to any account to be reminded.

A great service, we’ll be using it.


Rootein – Simplify your self improvement
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