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ChartsBin – An online resource of Charts

Chartsbin is a site dedicated to providing users with the one of the largest database on charts in the virtual world.

The site is an open source site where you can find and study charts on different aspect of certain domains such as environment, people, religion, social or even drugs & crime among many other.

The main page presents you with all you need. It offers you the “Last updates” as the first filter option or you can choose between “Most viewed”, “Most discussed” or “Highest Rated.”

If you are interested in a certain category, then you can select it from the right and select the domain of interest which most closely resembles what your search theme.

Also you have significant data from a report or government conducted research then you can submit it yourself so that others could use it in other related circumstances.

Every report page has a colored graph and a legend explaining what is the graphs all about and the numeric distribution, usually around the world Also for all countries where information is known, data is inserted below. The countries are usually in alphabetical ordered. Not all the countries have information, but all that is related to the topic is presented be it present or past.  The data on which the graph is created is valid as you can see the multitude of references below. Also, if you fond that interesting or useful you can vote the graph thus making it more popular and more people will see it.

Also, for reference, related topic graphs are presented in the bottom of a selected graph so that it can help you on the topic of research.


ChartsBin – An online resource of Charts
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