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NotAPipe – A collaborative way to edit text in the cloud

NotAPipe is a website that provides a service which is very often sought after but very rarely found in a form and manner satisfactory to the party looking for it. That service is text file editing. NotAPipe allows its users to edit text files in real time and in a collaborative environment. That means if you and your co-workers are grouping together to better pull your resources in order to tackle a particularly difficult project, the services this site offers you will prove invaluable in the long run. The web service allows users to edit the same document simultaneously and the changes that are made to that document are instantly communicated to every user connected to it.

You and your friends and co-workers should really visit this site because it offers you a way to circumvent the usual routine of editing the same document and sending it around via emails. This is a very time consuming process and as we all know, time is a very valuable commodity. NotAPipe is a tool that facilitates online document collaboration among a group of users. It is a real time collaborative text editor in which more than one person (on different computers) can edit a text document in real-time and changes appear instantly on the document for all the connected users.


NotAPipe – A collaborative way to edit text in the cloud
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