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Mulaboration – Collaborate and communicate with colleagues

Mulaboration is a site which can provide you with a solution for interoffice or even inter-business communication.

Mulaboration offers you the possibility to create you own social network with you colleagues at work or even in projects.

The menu is user friendly, having sections like Workgroups, Profiles, Messages, Events, or Tasks so you can have easy access to your workgroup and colleagues. To personalize your appearance you can edit your profile. Also you can interact easily by the live conversation board.

The conversation editor has three main functionalities and these are: Your status which you can edit to show to you colleagues what you are doing or feeling, the possibility to post an event and the possibility to post a task with the name o the task, some brief information about it, a due date and the priority of the task.

You can also share or delete feeds from your colleagues which in turn can be edited or replied to.

Also the site offers you the possibility to keep relations with other companies, by creating a profile of the company and interacting with members that particular company in the same manner as your colleagues.

The price for this kind of service is gradual, depending on the number of people in the social network.  For a 2 person plan it is free, for 50 people it’s $4.50 / month and for unlimited is $9.98 /month. The difference in services between the packages is mainly in the bandwidth and data storage per users, which is understandable.


Mulaboration – Collaborate and communicate with colleagues
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