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LayerPad – Comment on sites using layerpad

How many times have you found yourself leisurely browsing the Internet, looking up whatever information suits your fancy and just felt that you needed to write something down in relation to a website you just visited? Now with the services provided for you by Layerpad you can do just that and much more. Layerpad is a website that lets its users review, comment and bookmarks other websites. The thing that sets this website apart from its other competitors is that it allows its users to make comments that appear on a floating layer which sits above the web pages in question. Therefore, the service it provides is not only very useful and user-friendly but it is also very simple to use, it is clear and unobtrusive.

In order to make use of its services, the potential users must first register by submitting a working email address and a password. This is very easy to do and is by no means an obstruction to new users looking to benefit from the site’s services. The home page of the site is very clean, free of unnecessary clutter that might otherwise deter new users from benefiting from the provided services.

All in all, you should really visit Layerpad if you want to review, bookmark or comment on Internet web sites.


LayerPad – Comment on sites using layerpad
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