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PetStew – Research Dog Breeds and Find Local Pets to Adopt

Who doesn’t love to have an adorable little bundle of love prancing and bouncing around their homes? Be they a fuzzy little kitten or a irresistibly adorable puppy, everybody should have one of these cuties around. Now with PetStew , doing just that has become a whole lot easier.

PetStew is an easy-to-use pet website which provides dog and cat photos and videos, dog breed information, lifelong pricing and expense guidelines, a breed matching calculator, breeder listings, classified and adoption listings, products, best/worst lists, pet products, and customizable widgets. The goal is to make it easy, convenient, and/or fun for a user to educate themselves and pick the right breed to match both their personality and lifestyle.

They have a very bid dog adoption section where you can easily find just the right type you’re looking for. With detailed information on almost every breed of dog a potential owner could be looking, for PetStew is the place to find your new pet. On top of helping you choose which particular pet you want to own, the site also provides you with a wealth of pricing information; everything from guidelines regarding maximum recommended expenditures for a particular breed to estimated costs throughout your pet’s lifetime.


PetStew – Research Dog Breeds and Find Local Pets to Adopt
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