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Social Whale – All your social media in one place is a social media client, in other words site dedicated to managing social media, having for its main collaborators Twitter, Facebook, UserVoice, YouTube, Flickr and Blippr. By using you have the opportunity to access the social networks with multiple accounts and update the simultaneous.

To access the site and its benefits you can log in with your Twitter Username and Password. It has a friendly interface with lovely graphic design suited for all users, designed to inspire. The publisher tool has many facilities for the user making the actual editing easy. Spell checking is one of the most important, to see the accuracy of any post. It also has photo posting so you can share with your friends any important aspects of your life you want to present in a suggestive picture, as a picture is worth a thousand words. It also has url shortenings and even reminders so that you can remember important events which are happening or to remind you of certain actions which you should be doing.

By being a social media client you can read the status updates of you friends or rss with just on program.So by the two facilities above you can have a conversation with your friends with just a couple a keyboard keys.Also it allows you to organize your favorite tags. You can manage your friends list by seeing the user information without the need to actually access the users profile or manage your twitters list an even delete the people you desire according to your wish.

Another service is that it allows you to fallow any group you desire and even vote for the best content which you consider appropriate.Here you can see the number you are fallowing and the number of followers with every log in.

Last but not least it is media interactive. From here you can access Google Translate, YouTube and even receive notifications for new direct messages.So if you want to manage you social network more easily, you should use because this is how “Twitter should be”.


Social Whale – All your social media in one place
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