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Twt140 – The world of Apps for Twitter

Social networking is all the rage especially among the teen demographic so it should come as no surprise that many sites specializing in enhancing the social networking experience would soon make their appearance. One such site is twt140 and it focuses exclusively on the Twitter network and its users, providing them with 20 fun filled Twitter applications that can make their personal tweeting space more fun and exciting.

Consummate Tweeter users will certainly appreciate these applications and the whole idea as twt140 began as the brainchild of several enthusiastic Twitter users. In fact the whole project is definitely aimed and dedicated to the worldwide Twitter community. Every Tweeter lover is bound to take an instant liking to the applications and recommend them to their fellows in the community.

While the general idea behind the site was to make the tweeting experience simpler and more fun filled, the applications themselves are really useful and fun. For example, Twetly allows its user to start a poll or a discussion with their friends and followers on Twitter while Twittlimg lets its users share photos and images along with their description with greater ease.

If you or your friends of family use Twitter, visiting twt140 is a must-have. The applications there will certainly enhance your Twitter experience and make it that much more fun filled.


Twt140 – The world of Apps for Twitter
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