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Google Translated Search

A nifty use for Google Translate is to search in other languages, Google’s example is to try searching for “sushi recipes” in Japanese. Or “pasta recipes” in Italian.

Very smart…

This type of tool can very useful for marketing your startup to international markets from day one, without having to wait for expensive translations or hire linguistic talent.

Everyone knows the story of how Studiviz managed to create a clone of Facebook in Germany, soak up all the initial marketshare and then sell what was basically a Facebook script with a German skin for 100 million Euros.

Facebook have since learnt their lesson and have aggressively expanded to international markets.

But if your startup happens to strike gold in your country, the lesson seems to be that you need to use all the tools available to make sure that noone reskins your idea and starts eating up market share elsewhere.


Google Translated Search
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