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Blogcastr – Blog it Live

Blogcastr LogoInternet has seen a real revolution with the emergence of real-time information sharing. With the internet going real-time, numerous websites and applications enhancing this capability have been established.

Blogcastr offers a new blogging service to the internet users who want to blog about anything in real-time. The users have the ability to post to their blogs from web or from mobile phones. You can post images from the event you are attending or your thoughts on a speech you are listening.

Blogcastr claims to be an easy-to-use and better real-time blogging service. Through this platform, you can share live information with your community and get feedback, comments, and opinions from them about your share.

Though the Blogcastr claims to be the first consumer product to offer such capability but its functionality is very much similar to Twitter. Besides that the blogcasts of the founders of Blogcastr, Kyle Rushton and Matt Rushton does not show much uniqueness. The posts made so far either contain one or two sentences or an image with a short caption. It would be better for Blogcatsr, if the founders could show through their blogs what could be achieved by the Blogcastr.

What Do They Say about themselves?

Blogcastr is a free, easy-to-use live blogging service for sharing cool stuff as it happens. From attending a sports game or concert to watching your favorite TV show, Blogcastr enables you to share what you are doing as you are doing it. It’s a great way to create real-time conversation with friends.

Could it Be a Success?

Among several other social outlets offering similar features; Blogcastr has a very tough competition. People do want to share the cool stuff they are doing but turning them towards Blogcastr from Twitter or other similar services will be very challenging task for Blogcastr.


Blogcastr – Blog it Live
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