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Facebook News Feed Labelsneak Spam on the Rise?

Is anyone else seeing Facebook spam in their News Feed? I’m sure everyone has had the odd spammy friend request, facebook app or Facebook Ad. But I’ve yet to experience what appears to be hijacking of my Facebook Feed. I’ve never heard of Labelsneak.com and I certainly haven’t added him/her/it to Facebook, yet there it is in my News Feed.










Maybe an FB app hijacking? Or a 3rd party hijacking a poorly coded FB app?







I also certainly didn’t send a friend request, yet Facebook is telling me I have. Looks like FB need to keep an eye on this, if News Feeds start getting clogged up with spam – you know where users are going to go, somewhere else.


Facebook News Feed Labelsneak Spam on the Rise?
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One Response to Facebook News Feed Labelsneak Spam on the Rise?

  • Cranberry160 says:

    A video link appeared on my news feed and profile which I supposedly “liked”. Problem is I don’t even know how it got there or how I ended up “liking” it when I haven’t even visited the site/watched the video. To make matters worse….it looked like it was some sort of porn celebrity video. Imagine my horror when I saw it on my profile! I felt so humiliated!

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