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DueToDos – Managing Business Communication

DueToDos The world today is fast paced. Business is conducted on the move. People are constantly traveling and keeping track of correspondence with clients can be overwhelming, for small companies, to say the least.

In comes DueToDos. The web platform allows people to keep track of their sent messages and through a simple procedure schedule reminders and team collaborations based on these. All you have to do is to send a Bcc copy of your message to an email address provided and through the dashboard of your account on DueToDos, manage how you want to follow up on the conversation. Administrators and managers can assign tasks and keep track of them through their control panels to check on the status of different users.

The website also allows users to add additional email accounts to send notifications to along with the ability to restrict the task between certain calender dates. Summaries of daily activities can be scheduled for team members to keep them abreast of the project status.

The website is still in beta and currently works only on an invite system.

What they say about themselves

DueToDos is your outgoing to-do list. Take back control of your sent mail! We solve email fatigue be allowing you to focus on what really matters, who you need to follow up with.

Why it could be a success

Whereas other services focus on incoming emails, DueToDos makes management of sent emails easy. Scheduling reminders, summaries and team collaboration and management are some of the highlights of this startup. These features can help small businesses to keep the cost of communication and management within their resources while giving them enough facilities to conduct the business activities efficiently.


DueToDos – Managing Business Communication
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