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Habilis – A New Approach to Virtual Assistance

Habilis LogoIn order to grow your business or to do a job efficiently, you need to fix your eyes and efforts on bigger things and leave the small things to others. You can achieve this by hiring a virtual assistant.

Finding the right Virtual Assistant for your needs can be difficult, sites like odesk and Vworker are great but quality can occasionally be an issue. The idea behind Habilis is to help you take care of small matters in a painless way. This is done through Virtual Assistants provided by Habilis. It has a team of professional VAs to assist you in every day work. The work that could be taken care of through Habilis includes office services, websites maintenance, personal services, etc.

Habilis has two pricing models. One is an hourly payment structure and the second structure is a based on Pay as You Go model. You can either hire a full time VA and pay per hour or get a number of tasks done and pay per task.

The benefit of using Habilis would be in shape of saved time, which is otherwise wasted in finding a good virtual assistant. Besides that working with Habilis would ensure that the work is done in a timely fashion and you do not have to keep sending messages to your VA to get the work completed.

What they Say about Themselves

We provide lifestyle management and virtual assistants to help you stay shipshape at all times. Making appointments, booking flights, even sending out flowers – we do all this and more. Alternatively, you could use us for your work side of things (think presentations, competitor analysis, web research). Simply put, we are at your service 24/7/365.

Why It Could be a Success

Finding a good virtual assistant and get the work done in a timely and efficient manner is as difficult as finding an honest weight-loss product review in Google. Habilis makes this process easy and straightforward. This ease of getting the work done could prove the key to its success.


Habilis – A New Approach to Virtual Assistance
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