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Knowledge Notebook – Making Learning Fun

Knowledge Notebook Logo Have you ever wondered about the best medium and technique there is for people to learn? I think when presented with visual data, I seem to focus more and learn a concept easily and quickly rather than reading it in text format. No wonder professors prefer the use of presentation slides in the lectures these days. Students too, take notes in classes which usually result in a lot of cluttered ideas and they are usually a headache to sort out and review.

Several software applications are available which help to organize and file the notes so that they can be of use later. We are going to talk about Knowledge Notebook. This software lets you take notes like you would in any word processor application. The notes can be filed using multiple tags. Now this alone would not make it stand out from the crowd.

What makes Knowledge Notebook great is the ability to make connections between different notes either using a visual or a textual approach. Helping you organize your notes into different categories, allowing you to create flash cards for quick memorization of ideas and examining and grading your learning by taking quick assessment tests makes it a truly unique application.

The price tag is $38, which in my opinion is a little high, specially for students on scholarships and lower financial status. Maybe they should incorporate some kind of support for these students as well.

What they say about themselves

A software that accelerates student learning. The starting point or the focus is on learning instead of the activity of note-taking. For business people and journalists the application is simply for note-taking.

Why it could be a success

Easy to use and can help in the final days leading to the exams by presenting a clean, summarized and comprehensive review material. Overall a solid application although I am not too enthusiastic about the price.


Knowledge Notebook – Making Learning Fun
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