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Search is a stratup that is based in the northern part of New Jersey, U.S.A. It established a comprehensive search engine for most of the restaurants in the area. Visitors of the site can browse many options to order their favorite meal from anywhere using their computers or smartphones. The website also offer coupons and a reward system by which customers can save on their orders. Knowledge is power and information is vital in order to save time and money therefore visitors of the website can read reviews and gain knowledge about restaurants before they place their orders.

This startup enjoyed positive initial reviews and also gained the attention of some of the restaurant owners in the area who were looking to expand their customers base. The prospect for success may lie in the ability of this startup to expand and cover wider areas even more states. Furthermore it is important to help establish competition between participant restaurants to expand the reward system and offer discounted meals.

What they say about themselves

“We expect the site to be successful because it brings together social media, a rating and review system and an ordering system.”

“We took some great concepts and meshed them together,this site allows users to search through the use of one or multiple categories, such as 24/7, sushi, or healthy.”

Why it could be a success

Consumers like convenient and they also like to save. was founded based on those two concepts and it is important to maintain and expand those ideas to succeed.

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