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OkCopay is a startup with an idea to establish a directory of health care providers where users can search and find the right care for the price they can afford. There is a growing segment of the society without health insurance. This service can be of great benefit to those uninsured in particular but any one can benefit from this free service as well. By searching the directory users can match the service they looking for with the price they can afford. Medical providers rarely list the cost of their service, and due to the rising cost of health care this website can help patients save time and locate medical care knowing the cost in advance.

Although we don’t know the monetizing strategy or if there is other source of funding. This startup has two advantages to grow and cover more states and localities. The first advantage is that it is a healthcare related startup and healthcare is a growing field despite the slow down of the economy. The Second advantage is that in tough economic times as it is these days the numbers of the uninsured and unemployed patients are high and those groups will be more likely to use this free service to locate health care they can afford.


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