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Apple and Samsung and The Court Case Rages On happens when you create and market a series of products that somewhat emulate products made by Apple? A huge lawsuit, of course. Apple is known for its tight lips when it comes to new updates or the making of their products, but the lawsuit ensuing between Apple and Samsung is casting some light into how the Apple “think-tank” works.

In an effort to further solidify Apple’s case that there was patent and product infringement from the Samsung camp, some of Apple’s top execs talked about the back story for many of their top products, including the iPhone and iPad.
The lawsuit comes from Apple seeking $2.5 billion in damages against Samsung, for the so-called “stealing” of the look and design of Apple products. In return, Samsung is deciding to countersue Apple for apparently “stealing” what they claim is originally their patent and are looking to obtain some of the profits from these Apple products.

When these execs took the stand, their goal was to stress the innovative and cutting edge nature of the Apple products at the time, and because it was new and “never done before” that while risky for the company, it was not a copy of Samsung’s products.

Forstall, one of the executives, told the story of how because many of the people within Apple’s ranks disliked their cell phones at the time, they decided to retool some of their already existing efforts to develop touchscreens into making a cell phone. He also spoke about the high level of secrecy involved, and how they had a special space set up to begin working on the iPhone at their Cupertino building.
Another exec, Schiller, spoke about how upset Apple was, when after the success of their iPhone and iPad products, they saw Samsung began to create almost identical products. Schiller’s main complaint for Samsung was that their products would confuse the market, making it harder Apple to market their products.


After Samsung came out with an eerily similar phone to the iPhone, they then launched the Galaxy Tab. To this effect, Schiller commented, “My first thought was they’ve done it again, they’re just going to copy our whole product line.” And while Apple is not losing a major profit, or in any financial danger, part of the reason for their suit is they believe that the Samsung products are having a negative impact on their sales.

Samsung continues to deny that they have stolen any of their ideas from Apple, stating that it was in fact Apple who took ideas from them, citing an email from Apple about Samsung’s 7 inch tablet, but the lawyers on the side of Samsung did make an effort to get more than past details about Apple products. They also wanted information on any future projects Apple is working on – asking if the iPhone 5 were to bare any differences to the iPhone 4S. Schiller, who was asked this question on the stand, did not comment.


Apple and Samsung and The Court Case Rages On
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