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iPhone 5 in the Works to be Released this Fall?

iPhone 5 concept design
While Apple has not made an official statement about whether or not the iPhone 5 is being released, it has been confirmed that an event will be taking place on September 12th. Many believe that this event is the moment where the new iPhone will be released.

There have been several sources who have claimed that this event will be the official launch of the phone, though there are no reports circulating that accurately state whether or not the official name of the phone will be the iPhone 5 – or something else. According to iMore, a blog that frequently posts about Apple products and updates stated that this event will in fact mark the launch.

The date for the event, September 12th, which is a Wednesday, falls in line with Apple events for launches, which typically happen on Wednesdays. Sources have confirmed that the event is definite for that week, so logically, it all makes sense. Despite the fact that this date is slightly premature for the annual iPhone release timeline, it does make sense given that the iPhone 4S was slightly overdue on this schedule last year.

And what will the iPhone 5 potentially bring in the way of technological updates? It’s said that this new phone will have many different and innovative features, which include a different dock connecter piece, a piece of software that will make it easier to purchase items via phone and even a larger screen size. And as if this wasn’t exciting enough to all of the tech fans and business owners out there, an iPad Mini may be in the works for unveiling as well. This miniature version of the iPad would coincide with claims in the lawsuit Samsung has against Apple for stealing their ideas, including the 7 inch tablet product Samsung has been selling.

But whether or not the iPhone 5 is going to be released on September 12th, Apple does have their work cut out for them, with Android gaining ground and market shares for their cell phone products. The number of those running on the Google Android system has been on the rise for some time, and many people are beginning to feel that the Android systems are surpassing the level of quality in the iPhone 4S. With many people anticipating the release of the iPhone 5, there has also been a slump in sales of the iPhone 4S, which is bad news for Apple.

So will the iPhone 5 be released at the event on September 12th? While it appears that way, the true answer is unclear. Apple needs to continue to innovate if it wants to stay competitive with Samsung and other Android phone providers, providing completely innovative and unheard of features, while also addressing the quality and usability issues. If the iPhone 5 can provide this to the consumer, Apple will surely see an uptick in their sales volume and ensure their name at the top of the smart phone food chain for the foreseeable future.


iPhone 5 in the Works to be Released this Fall?
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