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Bromium – The Case For More Secure Entrerprise is a computer security startup that is based in California, U.S and Cambridge,UK.This startup specializes in security for cloud computing for large and small firms. The startup promised a new generation of antivirus software to defend against computer viruses and malwares. Cloud computing increased the valunrabilty of many networks for cyber attacks. Businesses became nervous and they started to look for ways to protect their data and defend their systems against intruders.

The challenges to secure data and networks became the focus of the founders of Bromium to inroduce new and effective methods to protect against malewars and hackers. Further more, they envision the huge market for computer security in the future with so much data transferred daily over the clouds.This startup company has the potential to gain many loyal customers who are looking to secure their businesses and maintain their technological edge. So far it raised over 40 million in venture capital and introduced it’s first anti virus software named vSentry and it promised it will be very effective against viruses and malwares.

What they say about themselves

According to Bromium the antivirus software vSentry is a virtualization based software and it will be sold to enterprises and not directly to consumers. Users will be able to see every application they open on their screen and how vSentry act as a shield between the viruses and the computer, then the antivirus software will open a window so users can see how it detects and removes harmful malwares and viruses from emails and downloads. Continuous visualized protection is the protection model for Bromium to provide to it’s clients in order to become the leader in computer security.

Is This The End Of Computer Viruses?

Bromium founders are well known computer experts in the field of computer security, virtualization, and engineering. Co founders Crosby and Pratt founded a previous company named Xensource which then purchased by Citrix for 500 million in 2007, but as intelligent vSentry is there are intelligent black hat hackers who work hard to find vulnerabilities in the system and exploit them, so the the end of computer viruses (that may sound a wishful thinking) is yet to be seen.


Bromium – The Case For More Secure Entrerprise
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  • david serman says:

    Yes that is a great startup to invest in. One of the cofounders desighned chips for intel those that support virtualization. Cyber security is a main field in the computer business.

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