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Search – Online Training Software is a startup that offers educators or anyone an easy-to-use online training software that give them the training tools they need to create courses online. Online training and distance education have become very popular these days because online training is cost effective and convenient. Experts believe that online learning will become the method of choice in the future for students worldwide to get the education they want at a reasonable cost. Universities have been adapting online learning and distance education to cut cost and attract busy professionals to enroll in their online degrees that fit their busy schedules. The traditional college education system is gradually being populated with online degrees and courses. Online training also adapted by many organizations and businesses to teach their members and employees new skills.

Web applications like can give educators the tools they need to interact with their students. allows users to add teaching material and create tests for their learners, then track their progress through details reports and analytics.

Users can launch their training platform instantly through the website, with no contracts or start-up costs if they choose the free subscription.The website also offers users other paid subscription plans that fit their needs. Making courses with this platform is extremely simple. You begin by creating a pool of your exams and training material. Then you can make an unlimited number of courses, by selecting your material and exams from your pool. You can use your exams and material in as many courses as you want.

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