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  • Dawn says:

    They would have to have the security of all security to protect that info, and be willing to prove it to me before they had my trust. They would need secondary forms of security like two-factor authentication where I will still have some control. Just having a strong password don’t replace the need for other effective security controls. I have multiple accounts online in which I have implemented the 2FA (two-factor authentication) where I can safely telesign into my account by entering a one-time PIN code which was delivered to my phone via SMS or voice. This gives me the confidence that my account won’t get hijacked and my information isn’t up for grabs.

  • Mayukh says:

    Hi Dawn!

    Thanks for your comment! With SmartSignin, unlike other password managers, we do not manage your accounts/credentials. We just help you manage your own keys to your accounts but do not have any access to any of your credentials. We make certain that there is no single point of failure in the app and no un-encrypted data ever leaves your machine. Our patented encryption technology, developed by our CTO, Dr. Kumar Murty and the Ganita crypto labs at the university of Toronto, breaks up your key into multiple parts – only you can put it together to access your accounts. We also have 2 factor authentication, including a SMS one time password (OTP). We are still in beta and we are working hard to improve the application with feedback from our users. We have a free trial – so do give SmartSignin a shot and let us know how we can improve. Thanks!

    Founder & CEO

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