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Android Smartphones Security Alerts


Android users should be aware of dangerous malwares and spywares that are spreading these days and they can infect their smartphones and cause serious security damage. The Two most dangerous of those are listed below:


This malware is designed to steal information from smartphones once it installed. How victims get that malware in the first place? victims maybe sent an email to try a work-at-home program that promise great income, victimes can be directed to other website where the malware can install itself on the device. The malware then will steal all the information and all contacts in the address book and send it to the criminals.


This is a spyware that can take control of the victim smartphone. The victim smartphone can then be monitored by the attackers to send and receive personal and important data. The controlled device then will act as a zombie and send the spyware to other devices without the knowledge of the smartphone owner. How do victims get FinFisher spyware? Victims can get the unwanted spyware by opening unknown links which will cause the spyware to install itself on the victim’s device.

Users need to review and understand the permissions they are giving when they download applications.

Obtain malware protection for your mobile device. Look for applications that specialize in antivirus or file integrity that helps protect your device from rogue applications and malware.

Be aware of applications that enable Geo-location and do not allow your device to connect to unknown wireless networks.

Wipe all your data and reset your smartphone to factory default if you decide to sell your device or trade it in.


Android Smartphones Security Alerts
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