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Trunk Club – Shopping Revolutionized

Trunk Club

A great idea; letting experts pick your clothes for you. The service allows men to get in contact with a Trunk Club expert and discuss with them their tastes which in turn allow them to get recommendations from the TC expert on which clothes to buy. The service even buys and delivers the clothes to the customers.

Here’s what you have to do. Sign up and you will have a TC expert contact you. Then its either emailing back and forth or setting up a video conference. The TC representative will then recommend a wardrobe for you which you can try and if you find something useful, keep that and pay for it. Simple, ain’t it?

So if you are looking for some professional advice in picking clothes that look good on you, give Trunk Club a try.


ShopLunaChics – A Fun Shopping Experience

Logo Women love to shop. And what’s better than to shop and have fun at the same time.

LunaChics is taking women’s apparel and accessory shopping experience to a whole new personalized and fun level. Be it jeans, tops, jewelery or bags, this store offers both online and off-line shopping facilities. The online catalogue is limited to bags, gift and jewelry items but their RL store offers the full range of products of different brands. The site accepts all the major credit cards.

How does it make it a fun to shop? The answer is the conducive environment it provides to its customers. The store provides reclining facilities for the customers with large screen TVs (even the husbands will have something to smile about during their visit) and a place where kids can play and have fun.


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