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My Wedding Workbook

My Wedding Workbook makes wedding planning straightforward and easy with its wedding planning software programs, designed especially for brides-to-be and professional wedding planners. The web-based technology is designed take the strain out of wedding planning, making it possible for wedding consultants to expand their businesses and brides-to-be to arrange their own events with a lot less stress. My Wedding Workbook, then, is offered in two formats, or as “My Wedding Workbook,” for the bride-to-be and “My Wedding Workbook Pro,” for the wedding planner.

While you might be able to locate wedding planning guidance online for free, you won’t be able to secure all of it on one site so readily. With My Wedding Workbook, engaged couples are offered guidance on writing vows, selecting vendors, choosing a wedding gown, and the procedures that are needed to change the bride’s last name. That’s because the online “Etiquette Guide” makes it easy for bride and consultant alike to glide through the process step by step.

In addition, brides are offered advice on what to expect and plan accordingly. The software gives couples the organizational tools (checklists and worksheets) so they can manage their event so “no stone is left unturned,” so to speak, and no costly errors are made.

Also, once you’ve gathered your planning information, you can store it on the software, thereby organizing those intricate and essential details, such as budget data, guest lists, vendor information, RSVPs, and calendared appointments, all which makes such information quickly accessible.

You’ll have all the wedding tools available to you to manage and plan your wedding so everything falls into place smoothly, if not seamlessly. Customize your site by selecting from one of numerous designs and personalize it with photos, your own blog, and even your favorite tunes. My Wedding Workbook and My Wedding Workbook Pro make planning a wedding fun and rewarding for both the bride-to-be and wedding consultant. In fact, it’s never been this easy and exciting to organize and plan such an event.

With My Wedding Workbook and My Wedding Workbook Pro, you can master event planning and indeed succeed at arranging an idyllic dream wedding. Planning is facilitated by combining the wedding planning software, organizational tools, and website into one convenient package. Typically, all these items would cost quite a pretty penny, but are included in the My Wedding Workbook package for only $29.95.

What Does My Wedding Workbook Say? We specialize in developing and marketing online wedding planning systems and software for both wedding planning professionals and engaged couples. In essence, we are in business to develop the best Web-based tools available to plan weddings and manage events.

What’s So Special About It? My Wedding Workbook is the complete online wedding planner that provides all the guidance and resources a couple needs to plan every wedding-related event … from their engagement party to their day-after brunch. And My Wedding Workbook Pro is the first and most comprehensive online wedding planning software for wedding consultants, helping them build their business and collaborate with clients via the Web.


My Wedding Workbook
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One Response to My Wedding Workbook

  • David Barritt says:

    The most important route through planning a wedding is …. guest list, invitations, RSVP. Those three items need serious management software and should be closely linked.
    Another thing to consider is that the person using the software is not necessarily the bride or groom.
    And lastly address formats should be flexible enough to allow international inputs and not just American and / or Canadian states (counties) and zip codes (post codes).
    Many wedding programs fail at the start because one of these considerations has not been properly thought through.
    Best regards, Dave Barritt

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