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StorageRoomApp – Online Data Stores

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If you are a mobile application developer looking to manage and access data from a central repository, StorageRoom may be the solution you are looking for. Essentially an online data store for your content, the website provides tools to define, manage, update and access the content using mobile devices. The advantage is the ease of access plus a stable platform for all your data needs.

The process starts by you defining a collection which can be thought of as a database and then allowing editors to fill in the content using forms. Once populated, the data can be accessed using JSON APIs provided by the website. Data can be accessed using any platform like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7. We must warn you that this service is designed for the market and professionals rather than a general audience.

Starting from $12 and going up to $99 per month, the service can be used for professionals and organizations. There is even a free plan although it is severely restricted.

What they say about themselves

StorageRoom is a flexible cloud-based CMS for the data in your Mobile Applications. Let editors work on content and query our API from your applications.

Why it could be a success

A lot of organizations are looking at mobile solutions for their computing needs. Rather than housing servers at their local offices, businesses can use services like StorageRoom to host the data and give their employees and clients access to this through custom applications.


StorageRoomApp – Online Data Stores
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