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JobMuncher – Easily Manage Job Listings

Jobmuncher is entering a crowded niche with a compelling differential, it aims to solve the question of how you manage the mountains of CVs received when advertising for candidates. Anyone who has tried hiring by placing publicly accessible job ads knows that the sheer number and varying quality of CVs that will be sent can be a major distraction from actually getting on with running your business.

Jobmuncher allows recruiters to easily manage job posts, screening candidates by quickly sifting through CVs and top level profiles to assign different statuses. It’s kind of like a basic CRM system similar to Zoho or Salesforce but for recruitment. This approach isn’t unique and there are others doing similar things, Jobmuncher seems slick though and this market is enormous so there should be room to create a big business here.

Employers can use a variety of ways to display their jobs, using the provided job widget, a dedicated hosted job page or by using pre-generated HTML to post on external job boards. The only addition that we’d like is the ability to auto-post jobs (either through API or partnerships) to the biggest job boards automatically, which would certainly save me time and be something I’d pay for.


JobMuncher – Easily Manage Job Listings
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