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SalonMonster – The Booking Solution for Salons & Spas

SalonMonsterIf you have been looking for a better and more focused appointments solution for your salon, you have found one. SalonMonster is a new web-based application for all the appointment needs for your salon.

Being web-based, it is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime. The salon clients are free to initiate the appointment process at anytime and through any medium including a smartphone by visiting your website. This ensures that the clients actually visit the salon once they have made an appointment themselves.

The application also sends confirmation and reminder emails to the clients so the no-show issues are almost gone. The clients are no more required to call the salon and wait for the lines to free.

The salon has complete control over appointments. Accepting an appointment or rejecting it depends on the salon. Another benefit to the salon is that there is no need to make manual appointments and keep the manual record. The complete analytics are recorded by the application, which can be retrieved later.

The overall features are good for both the client and the salon. The clients are at ease while making appointments and the salons do not have to spend time and money on maintaining the appointment books and keeping the record.

What Do They Say About Themselves?

SalonMonster provides online scheduling for hair and nail salons. Web based system allows access from any computer or smartphone with internet access.

Why it Could Be a Success

Among several appointment applications, SalonMonster is the only one focusing on salon appointments. Its intuitive and interactive web-based appointment process makes the scheduling virtually effortless. It helps keep the costs and workload low. The major feature of the application is the satisfaction and participation of clients and total control of the salon over appointments.

Overall, it could be a useful software for salon owners, who want to simplify the booking process for their salons.


NotifyMee – Alerts on Websites

Notify Mee A novel idea which can cure many people of the suffering of keeping tabs on websites that go down for any reason. Be it an overburdened site or a site which is down for maintenance, notifymee can help you by emailing you as soon as the web resource comes back up.

The usage is simple. Put in the URL to monitor and your email and the service will email you as soon as the target becomes alive again. No more waiting for refresh after every minute to check the availability.


Antispambee – Spam Control for WordPress

Anti-Spam Bee Blogging is now a phenomenon on the Internet. One of the popular blogging software is WordPress. The problem blog admins face is the amount of spam which is posted in the form of comments in response to the posts by users. Now here is a free solution with the name of antispambee.

This software is free and works like a charm with your existing WordPress installation. The plug-in is fully customizable and is very easy to use and produces efficient results. Under constant development the latest release supports WP 2.8. The plug-in is available via the WordPress repository.


TwittGeek – Tag Tweeters

Logo A nice application for the Twitter phenomenon. It is simple, free and does only one thing. It allows people to easy follow up to 200 twitters based on keywords.

The usage of the application is extremely easy. You sign in to your twitter account via twittgeek and allow it to access your account. Then you are redirected back to search for fellow twitters using keywords. Its fun but the sad part is that the selection is random. I had to run the application 5 times before I managed to get a special person in the list.


Online Link Scan – URL Scanner

Logo Have you ever went to a website only to find out that it managed to automatically download and install a trojan on your computer? I am sure many of us have experienced the pain. Of course you do not need to scan everything across the globe (read: our site is safe), but sites hosted on free web servers like geocities should be. So whats an easy an safe way to do this? Use online scanning facilities provided by Online Link Scan.

This free service allows you to quickly scan suspicious URLs for malware content. It consults all the major search engines for any reports that indicate a site is bad for you computer’s health besides scanning it for known threats. A great resouce.


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