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F-Shot – Webpage snapshots as easy as 1-2-3

F-Shot Logo How many times have you wanted to quick save a page during browsing to study later. I know I have, a million times. If I am working on my own system, this is not a problem as I can use a browser add-on, but this is really a pain when working on other computers especially at public places. Now here is a website which serves only one purpose and provides a solution.

F-Shot allows a user to take a snapshot of the page through a bookmark button. The entire contents of the page are then uploaded, when the button is pressed, to the f-shot website and a random link is generated which can be accessed from anywhere. Password protected websites and even dynamic pages can be accessed later on as if they were saved in the local storage.

What they say about themselves

A system to save pages previously found through Google searches. It is not so easy even with well organized bookmarks system. You can save protected webpages as well, share them with friends and search in content of saved webpages.

Why it could be a success

Simple and quick, no setup needed and everyone can use it freely. Be careful of one thing though, if the page contains personal information or something which you want to keep private, it too will be uploaded. Apart from this, a nifty idea indeed.


F-Shot – Webpage snapshots as easy as 1-2-3
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